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The Legendary Pumpkin Competition
Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 10/18/2011 to Promotions

Tshirt Laundry is looking for the most creative, funniest or scariest pumpkin that you can carve. Show off your mad carving skills, and you could win
$50 towards Tshirt Laundry purchases!

Here are the rules:
  • Select the biggest, best looking pumpkin you can find
  • Carve your pumpkin and snap a picture with it
  • Upload to the picture to the Tshirt Laundry Facebook page
  • Tshirt Laundry judges will pick 3 finalists
  • Our Facebook fans will vote on their favorite design by "Liking" it
  • Winner will receive $50 to Tshirt Laundry
Things to consider:
  • You MUST be in the picture to be eligible (so we can ensure its authenticity).
  • The competition begins today (10/18) and you have until Sunday, October 30th to upload your photo (aka work of art).
  • The three finalists will be selected on Monday, October 31st.
  • Voting will end Thursday, November 3rd and winner will be announced Friday, November 4th.
  • Your pic will be featured on our site - either within a product page (if applicable) or on a home page banner (we encourage bragging).
  • Extra consideration will be given to anyone who is wearing a Tshirt Laundry shirt in their picture.
  • Everyone who participates in the contest will have 5 reward points added to their account.
Fan Feedback
Kevin Date 11/2/2011 2:34:40 PM
What if you are not in the picture and you sumbit it on Monday, Oct 31st?
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