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2010 was the year to be an Internet meme.
Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 12/30/2010 to New Releases
2011 is upon us so it's time to look back and reflect at the year that was 2010. It was definitely a good year to be an Internet meme. Let's take a quick second to look back on the best memes of 2010...

Beard Growing in Progress
Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 12/23/2010 to Misc.

So far NBM has been going great. Although my beard partner needed to back out due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m still marching onward in the name of beards everywhere. It’s surprisingly non-itchy, especially after the first week or two, and has been extremely useful in the past few weeks due to the temperature drop. I’m proud to report that I haven’t needed a scarf yet (and we’ve been in the teens here in the Windy City).

I discovered the oddest thing though. Upon further research into National Beard Month, I’ve discovered that perhaps there is no National Beard Month…. Strange.

Fat Guy in a Little Coat
Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 12/21/2010 to New Releases
How much money does a rich gorilla have? That'd be a gorillion dollars of course. But here's proof that money doesn't buy happiness because even though he's rich, he's very sensitive about his weight. So don't go calling him a fat guy in a little coat, otherwise you might find yourself shipwrecked on that island from Lost.

Tshirt Laundry Loves Noodles
Posted by MSU Intern on 12/10/2010

Last Thursday, MSU TShirt Laundry held a fundraiser at Noodles & Co.  Fearless MSU students braved the cold to check out tshirts, donate to a good cause and enjoy some good food. All proceeds from food sales were donated to the local charity Lunch with a Purpose. Promotional cards were given out and people could even participate in the TShirt Laundry raffle. At the end of the night, two lucky winners were chosen to take home free MSU edition tshirts. Stay tuned for our next event and student tailgate coming up - and make sure to check out!!

National Beard Month
Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 12/8/2010 to Misc.
I can barely contain my excitement knowing that December is finally here! While there’s an assortment of fantastic holidays this time of year, the best part is that it’s actually National Beard Month! And to commemorate this joyous season it’s now (somewhat) socially acceptable to quit shaving, which is great for me because I’ll be better defended against the freezing Chicago winter winds. For the next 31 days I will not shave my beard in order to better understand the meaning of National Beard Month (which will now on be referred to as NBM).
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