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Jazz is Stupid
Posted by TShirt Laundry on 1/29/2013 to New Releases

It's hard to please someone who thinks Jazz is Stupid. We're talking more difficult than Goldilocks trying to find a chair. You can't impress them with The Opposite of Irony, which is so impressive it might as well be the eighth wonder of the world. Maybe so-called jazz haters don't realize their actions scream out "I'm a Monster!" Dare I tell them? No, because honestly I'd rather just help Goldilocks find that chair.

How to Sneak into an Award Show Like a Pro
Posted by TShirt Laundry on 1/28/2013 to Misc.
Every month has its thing. October has Halloween, August has unbearable heat, but January and February, what do they have? I know, February has Valentine's Day, but do you actually know anyone who likes Valentine's Day?

Super Harbowl Brothers
Posted by TShirt Laundry on 1/22/2013 to New Releases
If you’re looking to escape winter wind and snow this year, look no further than the latest vacation development from the Super Harbowl Brothers. The lofts at Sky Cell Condos provide visitors with plush amenities including a wave pool, indoor tennis courts and your choice of room on the Bi-Polar Ice Caps. Reservations are going quickly – make sure to book today!

The Twinkie Preservation Society
Posted by TShirt Laundry on 1/15/2013 to New Releases
Let’s talk about road trips. Have you ever been on one? If you’re looking for Piece of Mind, they really do wonders to clear the head. In July my best friend and I are embarking on the most epic road trip these 48 contiguous states have ever seen. We’ll start at The Twinkie Preservation Society – take a few photos to show our grandchildren someday. Then, it’s on to pie. The world’s largest pie actually, tastefully presented on a Pie Chart About Pie. I can just picture the beauty now – what a treat!

Flu Season Is Coming
Posted by TShirt Laundry on 1/8/2013 to New Releases
Hide your kittens and small children – Flu Season is Coming! Winter has blown in stronger than a lion and is leaving no household unturned. It beckons sweetly with the alluring call, Anybody Want a Peanut? Don’t be fooled though; there is no treat headed your way, just days of sickness and bowls of jell-o. However, if all of this sounds like a good time to you, give into the temptation. You Only Live Once, right?
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