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2010 was the year to be an Internet meme.

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 12/30/2010 to New Releases
2011 is upon us so it's time to look back and reflect at the year that was 2010. It was definitely a good year to be an Internet meme. Let's take a quick second to look back on the best memes of 2010.
  • It didn't take long for 2010 to get it's first viral video with Larry Platt's infamous "Pants on the ground" American Idol audition tape. Stupid? Yes. But so is American Idol.
  • The Superbowl introduced us to Isiah Mustafa and the I'm on a Horse Old Spice Commercial. It was a genius move for Old Spice since people are still quoting the lines.
  • Not too soon later, a video featuring Russian singer Eduard Khil hit the Internet and he became a sensation known only as Mr. Trololo.
  • A website called Bros Icing Bros popped up in early April featuring a game made popular by southern douchebag frat boys. We never stood a chance.
  • A few days later, an young boy appeared on American idol style show in Taiwan. He became instantly popular when his rendition of "I will always love you" hit the web.  From that moment on, he was known as the Asian Whitney Houston.
  • Don't be Sad Keanu. Someone will ask you to be in another movie....maybe.
  • The World Cup brought us some great soccer, flopping Europeans and the Vuvuzela.
  • A video posted in early January didn't reach popularity until it was tweeted by Jimmy Kimmel. Hours later the world knew about the power of the Double Rainbow.
  • Sometime in July, Radar Online posted a series of voicemails of Mel Gibson ranting, raving and threatening his ex-wife. We'll never look at Mad Max or Braveheart the same ever again.
  • "Hide your kids, hide your wife." Those were the words from Georgian resident Antoine Dodson after a break-in.
  • In August, we were shocked to see a pretty young woman quit her job via social networking because her boss call her a HOPA. Sadly, it turned out to be false.
  • Do you know who the Cigar Guy is? Everyone wondered who the strange man was that appeared in the background of a Tiger Woods photo. Sadly, it was not a hoax.
  • I'd like to introduce myself. I represent the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. I doubt you will vote for me since I look like a fool.
It definitely was a great year to be a meme.