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3'x3' Custom Game Playmats

3' x 3' Custom Game Playmats

General Information
Our playmats are 3' x 3' (36" x 36") when printed. Because of our process we require that you make your design about 1/2" larger so that the image can cover the full size of the playmat.

After you've placed your order email your artwork to [email protected]. Please see instructions below for artwork specs.

• A template can be provided if needed.
• Make sure image size is 36.5" x 36.5". Approximately the outer 1/4" of the design will be cut off. The mat is only 36" x 36", but we need the extra size so the image can cover the whole mat.
• Please keep all important information (words, numbers, counters, etc…) at least 1/4” away from any edge of the playmat
• We don’t need border lines, crops, or registration guides
• Please have resolution of at least 150dpi
Please make sure any fonts are 18px or larger (for serif fonts) or 13px or larger (for Sans-Serif fonts)
• Convert all text to curves/outlines

Accepted File Formats