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New Tees and Free Shipping!

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 11/9/2010 to New Releases


Now thru Thursday

Paying for shipping is for suckers. You love a tshirt and you can't wait to wear it. Unfortunately, the mailman demands his cut. Don't think that's fair? Well we agree. So for the next 3 days, shipping is on us. Whether it's one of our stylish new releases or an old favorite, pick a shirt (any shirt) and we'll get it to you at no charge. Start shopping now!

For as long as there have been superheroes, man has aspired to gain superpowers of his own. Now you can read, in our step-by-step guide, how you too can gain superpowers of your own. If that’s not your thing, then check out this week’s match-up in the Robot Arm Wrestling League. The championship bout features two iconic robot titans: Bender vs. C-3PO. There’s only one thing we love more than superpowers or robots; and that’s geek chicks. Boy do we love those geek chicks.