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Set your DVR: 5 Must See Spring Television Premieres

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 3/28/2013 to Misc.
Spring weather is never warm enough, never arrives on time and is littered with mud and rainy skies. Talk about the red-headed stepchild of seasons. Oddly enough, TV shows go through similar phases.

Crisp Friday evenings usher in all the most anticipated new shows and season premieres while summertime provides as much nourishment to the TV watching soul as a well that’s been pumped dry. 

It seems this year, in preparation for the drought ahead, April is the new September. Make sure to set your DVR because you aren’t going to want to miss these early spring premieres. 

Revolution (NBC)
March 25

What would you do if the power suddenly went out forever? The Matheson family continues to navigate life in a post-apocalyptic world as the second half of the first season premieres in March.

Game of Thrones (HBO)
March 31

The highly-anticipated third installment of this fantasy drama returns for 10 episodes starting March 31. The season will be based on the first half of A Storm of Swords, the third book in the literary series adapted for the TV show.

Hannibal (NBC)
April 4

Ever wonder what life was like before Silence of the Lambs? This new thriller series will detail Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s earlier years as a forensic psychiatrist and his relationship with FBI criminal profiler Will Graham.

Mad Men (AMC)
April 7

Revisit the glory days of advertising as the men and women of Sterling Cooper return for season six of this period drama. Will Don’s marriage last through another season? Will Peggy’s career success continue?

Arrested Development (Netflix)
May 2013

After seven years off the air, the Bluth family is returning to the small screen for season four. All the dysfunctional family’s antics will be available exclusively on Netflix.