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What to Wear While Watching Your Favorite Non-Christmas Christmas Movies

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 12/20/2012 to Misc.
I have a friend who can rattle off classic Christmas movies like she’s reading the TV Guide listings for any given day in December on ABC Family. Okay, fine. It’s me. You got Rudolph, you got Frosty, even Buddy the Elf. And now, thanks to the brilliant minds at TShirt Laundry, that list includes Bruce Willis.

That’s right. We’re talking our favorite movies set around Christmas, but not based on Christmas. And because we always think of others first, we’ve even paired the perfect tee to wear while watching each flick. So go ahead, give those Christmas pajamas grandma sends you every year a rest. Hey – it certainly beats wearing a pink bunny suit.

1. Watch this: Die Hard
Let’s be honest. Hans Gruber could have seized the Nakatomi Plaza building at any time of the year, but he chose Christmas Eve. Why? Could it be that the joy of the holiday season juxtaposes the fear of a terrorist attack? We don’t know for sure, but we do know this is a good one. Yippee ki-yay…

Wear this: Now I Have a Machine Gun

2. Watch this: Edward Scissorhands
What else is there to do when you have scissors for hands, but to make the snow? And what item is generally chosen to represent Christmas? That's right, snow. So while this seems to only be the tale of a troubled young man, we know that it’s so much more, especially when you’re dreaming of a White Christmas.

Wear this: Run with Me!

3. Watch this: Gremlins
It’s a classic tale of a Christmas gift gone wrong – who doesn’t have one of those stories? Although, ours usually starts with a package from Aunt Lucy, not at an antique store in Chinatown. Gizmo seemed innocent enough; it’s the others you have to watch out for. 

Wear this:  Mogwai Adoption Service

4. Watch this: Batman Returns
Even the darkest of towns like to celebrate with a little Christmas cheer. Gotham City gets in the spirit during this flick set in December by tossing presents to its residents and parading action around its enormous Christmas tree. Even though there are darker themes in this movie, good prevails evil as every worthwhile holiday movie should do.

Wear this: Dark Knight Rider

5. Watch this: Love Actually
Okay, before you roll your eyes at this one, hear us out. While this movie appears to be about the complexities and happiness of all different kinds of love, we know better. This is actually the movie where Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead is in love with his best friend’s wife. Think about it. Mind blown. You’re welcome.

Wear this: Sh*t Happens