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Giving Thanks...For New Tees

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 11/23/2010
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’ve got some thanks of our own to hand out. We’d like to thank Arrested Development’s Dr. Tobias Funke for providing us with hours of laughter. We’d like to thank the game of Tetris for teaching us never to rely on the tall, skinny piece. And lastly, we’d like to thank Duck Tales from the Crypt for proving that even children's cartoons can be twisted into a horrifying masterpiece.

Dirty Harry Potter Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 11/22/2010 to New Releases
Harry Potter has been tearing up the box office. He's also been dominating the sales for our new releases this past week. People love our design so much that they've been asking for the image to be available as a desktop wallpaper.

Since we are men and women of the people, we are giving you what you ask for.

Dirty Harry Potter is Back with a Vengeance!

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 11/16/2010 to New Releases

All New Tees are $5 Off This Week!

Dirty Harry Potter is back with a vengeance this week, and he's hot on the trail of the "Celebrity Jeopardy" killer. Contestant have been mysteriously disappearing mere days after they appear on the show, and no new leads have emerged. Frustrated by this lack of progress, Potter spends his nights at the local pub, Flaming Moe's, to ease his troubled mind with a pint.

We're Flipping the Bird...Contest

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 11/15/2010 to Promotions
Tshirt Laundry is looking for the best (or worst) Turkey that you can draw. Let your inner artist come alive and it could win you $50 towards Tshirt Laundry!

New Tees and Free Shipping!

Posted by Tshirt Laundry on 11/9/2010 to New Releases
Paying for shipping is for suckers. You love a tshirt and you can't wait to wear it. Unfortunately, the mailman demands his cut. Don't think that's fair? Well we agree. So for the next 3 days, shipping is on us. Whether it's one of our stylish new releases or an old favorite, pick a shirt (any shirt) and we'll get it to you at no charge. Start shopping now!
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