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Hohman Bumpus Hounds

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 11/27/2012 to New Releases
And we’re back folks! It’s a chilly day out here at Nedry Security Stadium, and we’re gearing up for the annual rugby Winter Classic. Current champions, the Hohman Bumpus Hounds, are defending their title against the Fairtownland Leapin’ Ladybugs. The score is all tied up – Katana Dwight has the ball… he runs, he jumps, he scores!! Looks like those hounds are keeping the title for one more year.

If We Planned Thanksgiving Dinner…

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 11/20/2012 to Misc.
There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “You can’t choose your family. You take what fate hands you.” We can’t argue that this isn’t true, but this Thanksgiving we wondered what a holiday dinner would be like if we chose the guests. Check out our picks:

The Evil League of Evil

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 11/20/2012 to New Releases
This meeting of The Evil League…of Evil, on the 20th day of November 2012, will now come to order. There are two items of business which need to be discussed tonight. The first is in regards to all these The Last Plumber of Krypton Comics that have been left lying around our headquarters – just stop. The second is about that loud music you young ones have been playing all day – turn it down! Now, Are We Done Here? I need to go drinking.

Turkey Drawing Contest

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 11/15/2012 to Promotions
Turkey. A very large bird. A bourbon representative. A country. A Thanksgiving feast. The word alone conjures up a variety of images…and we want to know what it means to you.

Death Star Pictures

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 11/13/2012 to New Releases
Breaking news - Washington has issued a national warning after a Zombie Turkey was spotted just south of the Chicago loop this morning. All Thanksgiving dinners in the contiguous United States will be affected. Don’t be surprised if this year Grandma’s house looks less like the first meeting of the Pilgrims and Indians and more like a scene from Death Star Pictures’ latest flick. In fact, the meal is more likely to leave your guests saying “Sh*t Happens,” than “yum, I want seconds.” Better luck next year.
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