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May The Odds Be With You

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 2/26/2013 to New Releases
Creating an award-winning home and garden improvement show is tough work, but the Donkey Kong Crisis Team has really revolutionized the whole process. To them, it’s all child’s play – you know, as in break a few things here and there and throw a couch down the stairs. They just can’t and won’t Cut it Out. A kitchen this week, a basement next week, whatever it is, they will fix it. They’re polite too; they never leave a jobsite without a well-intentioned, “May the Odds Be with You.”

It's Meme Week

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 2/19/2013 to New Releases
The letters DMV might as well be synonymous with confusion. I walked in yesterday and saw a circus performer juggling bowling pins and hitting the ceiling tiles – Smash, Smash, Smash! I had to duck through seven of them to reach the window where the clerk quickly grabbed my paperwork and told me I couldn’t renew my license. “This isn’t Even my Final Form,” I shouted, but she didn’t care. She simply replied, “Rule 34. Don’t come to the DMV on Tuesday.”

Downton Tabby

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 2/12/2013 to New Releases
Have you ever set out for an unknown place with only the shoes on your feet, a pack of Twinkies and an extra tshirt in your backpack? Neither had I; until yesterday, that is. I didn’t waste a minute rollerblading Route 63 at 88 MPH, destination Downton Tabby. It’s sure been an adventure. I’ve already seen mountains, pirates and members of the notorious 8-Bit Angels motorcycle gang. Happy travels indeed.

Sometimes Love Just Stinks.

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 2/12/2013 to Misc.
Let’s face it. Sometimes love just stinks.

Poets have long-scorned past lovers and musicians have milked millions out of a bad breakup. It seems like everyone’s had their fair share of heartache. So what gives with all the red and pink sparkly hearts being shoved in your face since mid-January?

That's A Wrap!

Posted by TShirt Laundry on 2/5/2013 to New Releases
Extraordinary strength isn’t easy to come by these days. Don’t be disappointed, but I’ve recently learned of a secret some superheroes among us are keeping. Tom’s Snake Juice is responsible for the brains, brawn and beauty of mega players in the saving lives and taking names business. Dora the Destroyer attributes her success to the potion of goodness that helps her say "That’s A Wrap" at the end of each crime-fighting day.
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