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Obama Chicka Wah Wah
Obama Chicka Wah Wah

Obama Chicka Wah Wah


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Baby Doll Large Gray and Baby Doll X-Large Gray are currently out of stock

Get your mind out of the gutter Ñ itÕs Obama Chicka Wah Wah. This tee has nothing to do with a 70s guitar porn riff. Nothing whatsoever. Do you think Barack Obama's the coolest thing to happen to the presidency? Wear your support if you find taking down Osama Bin Laden and preventing a second Great Depression while still coming home every night for dinner with his family impressive. But just any tee wonÕt do; say it with some oomph...Obama Chica Wah Wah.

Please note there are different ink colors used for a white tee vs. a charcoal tee.

Baby Doll tees have a junior silhouette. They are form-fitting and sizes run small.

All solid color tshirts are 100% ringspun cotton. Charcoal and Gray are cotton/polyester blend. Note: Not all designs are available on all colors.

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