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The Titanic Leroy Jenkins
The Titanic Leroy Jenkins

The Titanic Leroy Jenkins


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Baby Doll Large Gray and Baby Doll X-Large Gray are currently out of stock

Okay, letÕs do this. We gotta stick to the plan. We just slowly navigate around the iceberg, and weÕll be drinking champagne in New York before you know it. ThereÕs no possible way things could go wrong. Is everybody ready? Wait, Leeroy, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!? LET GO OF THE WHEEL!!!

Baby Doll tees have a junior silhouette. They are form-fitting and sizes run small.

All solid color tshirts are 100% ringspun cotton. Charcoal and Gray are cotton/polyester blend. Note: Not all designs are available on all colors.

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